Amir Fattal: One Fate at ST-ART, Jaffa

Amir Fattal, MarLeni, 2012
Amir Fattal’s exhibition One Fate at ST-ART connects the biographies of artists, architects, actors, and documentary photographers to follow their behavior in relation to war and trauma. Artistic approach and moral decisions are each questioned, especially as they intertwine in the act of artistic production.

Fattal dialogues with the work of architects Erich Mendelssohn and Albert Speer, artists Marcel Duchamp, Sepp Hilz, Marlene Dietrich and Leni Riefenstahl, and photographer Hugo Jaeger, who all took different moral paths under a wartime situation.

The exhibition culminates in an installation that draws its inspiration from the legacies of modernism and the second world war.

Fattal lives and works in Berlin.
Amir Fattal, Jaffa, St-art

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