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Ariel Schlesinger

View an example of Ariel Schlesinger's work here, and an interview with Schlesinger here, a part of the Artis video series.

Ariel Schlesinger (born 1980, Israel) has been living in Berlin and recently relocated to New York to attend the Columbia University MFA program. His solo and group exhibitions include the Herzliya Museum for Contemporary Art; CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid, Spain; Kunstverein Freiburg; Swiss Institute, New York; Museum Tinguely, Basel; Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York; De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam; Hayward Gallery; Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw; Contemporary Art Center, Tel-Aviv; and the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Schlesinger previously attended the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and the School of Visual Arts, New York.

Schlesinger reinvents everyday objects, such as bicycles, packing tape, paper, and printers, into agents of romantic and daring fantasy. His imaginative sense of play comes through in interactive sculptures such as a household printer re-jigged to print directly on walls, a chair with “padding” shaped by a large stack of curved paper, and sidewalk blocks that reconfigure lanes painted on them.

His series of conjoined objects, such as two letter-size pages moving and touching one another as if making love, rolls of masking tape united like Siamese twins, and two biscuits “spooning” can be seen in a romantic light, but Schlesginer also has dangerous side. His numerous works using gas and flames explore risk and neuter a hazardous situation into one that is beautifully controlled.

Ariel Schlesinger is represented by Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv.
Artis Scholarship Recipient At Columbia University