Artist Profiles

Uri Aran

Uri Aran’s recent solo exhibition at Rivington Arms, New York, closed the gallery. Titled Geraniums, it exemplified his corrupted approach to materials, structures and narratives. His early films are manipulative depictions of sentimentality. His recent tabletop works are hopeless and imperfect. As he puts it in the title of his 2006 graphite drawing: ‘In a milk drinking contest it is OK to have one of the contenders drink chocolate milk.'

Born in Israel in 1977, Aran is part of a new generation of Israeli artists who exhibit a deep skepticism about questions of identity, sentimentality and the ways in which we create images of desire. The work is torn between narratives of longing and displacement. Often deploying a combination of dry narrative and lush imagery, Aran’s video-work is undermined by his own constructions, which can be read as devastated landscapes where a loss of logic mirrors the sense of a set of promises that are currently unfulfilled.
Artis Scholarship Recipient At Columbia University