Ronit Porat: Mr. Ulbrich and Ms. Neumann


At the end of January 1931, one sensational murder-trial lifted the veil on Berlin’s erotomania. Fritz Ulbrich was murdered by Lieschen Neumann, a 16-year-old girl and her boyfriend, Richard Stolpe. Ulbrich was a watchmaker who ran a small repair shop in Berlin but his hobby and secret obsession was amateur erotic photography. Starting in 1921, he turned his tiny backroom office into a pornographic studio and darkroom. Supposedly Neumann arranged the murder, after unsuccessful blackmail, and was one of over 1,500 women photographed by Ulbrich.

Ulbrich’s darkroom serves as a starting point for Porat’s new three-part project, Mr. Ulbrich and Ms. Neuman, which will be based on visual documents from the trial of Lieschen Neumann. The installation will confront the politics of identities, shifting between two parallel narratives in the exhibition space.

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