Staring Back at the Sun

Video Art from Israel, 1970–2012

Staring Back at the Sun: Video Art from Israel, 1970-2012 at Zachęta – National Gallery of Art

Staring Back at the Sun highlights work by 35 artists who take an incisive, critical perspective towards the cultural and political landscape in Israel and beyond. Showcasing early performances, films and videos never before presented outside of Israel, the program focuses on the activist impulse in video artmaking in Israel over the last four decades, and explores themes such as the prominence of political conflict in mass media; the liberalization of the economy; and the impact of free market politics on Israeli culture.

Saturday, April 22:

4pm- Introduction by Ilana Tenenbaum

4:30pm- Screening of Part I: Early Experiments in Film and Video, 1970-1980

5:30pm- Introduction by Ilana Tenenbaum

6pm- Screening of Part II: An Art Form Coming Into Its Own, 1980-1997

7pm- Meeting and discussion with the curators of the project Ilana Tenenbaum and Avi Feldman and curator of WRO Art Center – Piotr Krajewski.

Sunday, April 23:

5pm- Introduction by Avi Feldman

5:30pm- Screening of Part III:The Rise of The Medium, 1997-2005

6:30pm- Introduction by Avi Feldman

7pm- Screening of Part IV: State of Amnesia: Recent Video From Israel, 2005-2012